May 24, 2024

New Temporary Artwork Includes Shela Yu’s A Gathering Place

New temporary artwork is up in Scottsdale! Among the creatives behind these works is Arizona-based artist Shela Yu, who answers questions below about her mural A Gathering Place, located on the south side of Thomas Road between North 81st Way and North 82nd Street.

Artist Shela Yu

Scottsdale Public Art:  Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background in art:

Shela Yu: I grew up being involved in choir, band, theatre, and art classes. Art was always part of my life, but I didn’t feel comfortable calling myself an artist until my late 20s, and I didn’t pursue art as a career until I was 32. I’m grateful to the art community in Arizona because they’ve been an integral part of me gaining the confidence to do this art life full-time.

Scottsdale Public Art: What inspired the design for your mural A Gathering Place?

Shela Yu: I was inspired by the flora and fauna that can thrive because of the canals across Phoenix. Understanding their ancient roots was also an inspiring component for A Gathering Place. I used colors that felt indicative of the desert. Deep teals, coppers, purples, and magentas that often color our skies were an important aspect of creating my color palette.

Scottsdale Public Art: How long did it take you to create A Gathering Place?

Shela Yu: I had to navigate some odd weather in the form of unexpected wind and rain. So, it took a little longer than expected to complete. All in all, it took about three weeks to complete.

Shela Yu’s A Gathering Place is located on Thomas Road between North 81st Way and North 82nd Street. Photo: Brian Passey.

Scottsdale Public Art: What do you hope people take away from viewing A Gathering Place?

Shela Yu:  After viewing A Gathering Place, I want people to pause and be inspired to observe the nature that surrounds us in this beautiful desert. I also hope that this mural brightens the day of all who see it.

Join us on August 1 to celebrate the new temporary artworks in Scottsdale! Check out our events webpage for more details to come and our Immerse blog to hear from the other artists behind these artworks!

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