August 29, 2023

Build your Legacy with Scottsdale Arts During National Make-a-Will Month 

Scottsdale Arts has been the home of Scottsdale’s public, visual, and performing arts for nearly 50 years—all thanks to a group of forward-thinking residents who recognized the need to ensure arts programming was a priority for future generations of citizens. We are their legacy

Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation operates the Visions program for teen artists at six area high schools. The program is made possible by generous donations from arts lovers and their estates. Photo by Betty L Hum Photography.

August is National Make-a-Will Month—a time when nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and law offices focus on helping people create a will. No matter your age, health, or financial means, a will helps ensure that your wishes are known and carried out. They can also provide peace of mind for you or your loved ones, knowing that your family will not have to fight each other or the court when you are no longer around. 

And, while the idea of creating a will may seem scary, the process has become easier and more affordable in recent years! 

“What does my will have to do with Scottsdale Arts?” you ask. 

Scottsdale Arts patrons regularly make an artful impact on our community, so this month is the perfect time to think about transforming that artful impact into an artful legacy!  

What do you want your friends, family, and community to remember about you and your love of the arts? What kind of impact do you want to make in the future? How do you want to be remembered? 

Your Legacy, Your Art, Your Scottsdale! 

Including Scottsdale Arts in your estate plan costs nothing now, yet it will give you a great deal of satisfaction to know that your future gift will benefit Scottsdale Arts for years to come. You can choose to support an individual department, specific program, or Scottsdale Arts as a whole.  

Ways to ensure your artful legacy at Scottsdale Arts: 

  1. Make a Bequest: you can designate a specific dollar amount, a specific asset, a percentage of your total estate, or portion of what is left after you have made specific bequests to your family and others. 
  1. Gifting Retirement Plan Assets: you can name Scottsdale Arts a primary or secondary beneficiary on your plan’s beneficiary designation form—an extremely tax-efficient method of making a gift. 
  1. Life Insurance: you can name Scottsdale Arts the beneficiary, or even owner, of a life insurance policy. 

And, by including Scottsdale Arts in your will, you become part of the Legacy Society

The Legacy Society is our ever-growing community of like-minded arts lovers who have committed to ensuring transformative, artful experiences for all in Scottsdale through their estate planning efforts. Perpetuate your values of creativity, expression, and exploration with future generations while enjoying immediate recognition today. 

Scottsdale Arts is already recognized in your will? Let us know so that we can induct you into the Legacy Society right away! (My legacy includes Scottsdale Arts!)

With incredible foresight and generosity, Legacy Society members are critically important in sustaining our organization well into the future. 

Learn more about the Legacy Society at Scottsdale Arts, and other ways to make a tax-savvy artful impact, are available on our website at

To start a conversation about joining the Scottsdale Arts Legacy Society, please contact Erin Krivanek at [email protected] or 480-874-4662.

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