February 16, 2021

Camp Dreamtree: A Virtual Spring Break Arts Camp

Spring break just got way more wonder-full. Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation and Scottsdale Public Art present a virtual art camp for kids in March, just in time for spring break: Camp Dreamtree.  

Spark wonder in your world at Camp Dreamtree. Credit: Fireweather Studio

Campers at Camp Dreamtree will travel to a parallel universe known as Crystal Burn with their DreamScout Kit full of art supplies, various online components, augmented reality (AR) interaction, and a virtual Jamboree with Camp Dreamtree’s founding artists, Fireweather Studio. 

The art camp runs from March 8–21. During that time, DreamScouts (ages 5 and older) can participate in a five-day session, along with the online Jamboree at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 13. It is recommended to purchase the DreamScout kit before March 1 to allow sufficient time for shipping. 

For only $15, your art kit will include all the supplies you need for a week’s worth of activities for up to three people. Activities include hat and book-making, leather bracelets, badges, and coloring pages. Photo: Fireweather Studio

The kits cost $15 and come with enough supplies for three DreamScouts, including materials for three different art activities. Instructional videos and new AR experiences will be released throughout each week for those activities. It is also possible to access the activities for free online while using everyday household items to create the projects. 

“When we are actively involved in wonder, and we choose curiosity and kindness in our actions, we become brighter contributors to our society. Teachers and parents will benefit from reminding their students, and themselves, how rewarding it is to evaluate our surroundings, share our stories, and find alternative uses and solutions for the world around us.”

Koryn Woodward Wasson of Fireweather Studio

Camp Dreamtree is all about being kind and practicing respect for wonder, encouraging DreamScouts of all ages to be present in their environment and to develop resilience and ingenuity in problem solving. 

Camp Dreamtree features a live Jamboree with Fireweather Studio artists Koryn Woodward Wasson and Roy Wasson Valle. Photo: Fireweather Studio

Fireweather Studio has previously presented Camp Dreamtree as a physical installation, including a popular run at the Scottsdale Civic Center Library in 2014, but the Spring Break Experience marks the debut of the art camp’s augmented reality features, created in conjunction with Scottsdale Public Art and Hoverlay, the app that hosts the AR components. Scottsdale Arts previously worked with Hoverlay to create AR experiences for Canal Convergence in November and for various works in the Scottsdale Public Art Permanent Collection. 

Camp Dreamtree has always been about another world, and AR allows that other world to enter ours. Working with Hoverlay and Scottsdale Arts to create an augmented reality portion of Camp Dreamtree provides greater accessibility for the public to interact with the world of Crystal Burn and its inhabitants.”

Roy Wasson Valle of Fireweather Studio

Using AR, Izimbra will come straight to your backyard. Photo: Fireweather Studio via the Hoverlay app.

Among those inhabitants is Izimbra, a 16-foot-tall, yellow cone who speaks, laughs and dreams. AR will allow participants to view the natural environment of Crystal Burn with a digital overlay. Using the camera on their mobile devices, DreamScouts will be able to “see” Izimbra and her friends, go on a virtual tour of Camp Dreamtree, and discover hidden animations. 

Don’t delay; purchase your kit and tickets to the live Jamboree today to keep those spring break campers filled with wonder and art.

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