January 14, 2021

Local Artist’s Bold Designs Transform Spaces
by Dana Parsons

Janel Garza is an Arizona painter, muralist, and jewelry designer who has contributed many vibrant and dynamic artworks to buildings in the Phoenix-Metro area, as well as creating original jewelry pieces with her signature shapes and colors. As an artist for 15 years, Garza describes her style as abstract geometric. Her designs combine graphic complexity with a kind of dreamy ease that draws you in. Her work is at once meditative and stimulating, using colors and forms inspired by the environment. It is this unique approach that creates a connection between the viewer and their surroundings.

Janel Garza, Environ, 2018.
Janel Garza, Environ, 2018. Photo: Claire A. Warden

This association is evident in her mural in SMoCA’s sculpture garden. A thoughtful geometric design in rich earth tones, Environ harmonizes with the dichroitic glass of the Scrim Wall, and the curves of James Turrell’s Knight Rise. The mural reflects the surrounding ecology in a way that goes far beyond the decorative. A personal favorite is the “Pine Needle” shade used to great effect in the mural. 

In conjunction with Garza’s mural, she has designed new textiles and jewelry that feature her vibrant designs. Available in Shop@SMoCA and online, her items include a fabric pouch and laser-cut wood earrings that are hand painted. This wearable art is sure to elevate any look and add an element of local AZ style to your wardrobe. 

Dana Parsons, Scottsdale Arts retail representative

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