December 23, 2020
Press play to experience this virtual tour of BEYOND: Works by Nellie King Solomon and Barbara Stauffacher Solomon.

As we near the end of this long year—full of seemingly endless challenges—we can certainly be thankful for a number of things as well. For me, I’m thankful for the artists I’ve worked with all year, who have been flexible, understanding, and even creative amidst the shifting sands of 2020. Most exhibitions moved timeframes, and those presented this year have had to deal with ongoing changes while we respond to the complexity of the COVID-19 crisis. In the case of BEYOND: Works by Nellie King Solomon and Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, both artists accepted the changes with grace and rose to the occasion by adapting their goals for the exhibition. This is by far my favorite part of the job: working with artists. I know that when presented with a problem, artists are going to see it as an opportunity and find a creative approach to solving whatever the issue.  

Since we were closed to the public when BEYOND was installed, we worked towards creating digital content that would complement and extend the exhibition. On our website, visitors can listen to artist talks, view photographs, or enjoy a tour of the space. Included in today’s Museum Musings is a short tour of the exhibition by filmmaker Eric Minh Swenson. Thank you to the artists, filmmakers, SMoCA team, the whole of Scottsdale Arts, our audience, donors, and supporters. Wishing you all a healthy and happy holiday season! 

Jennifer McCabe
Jennifer McCabe, director and chief curator

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