November 16, 2020

Imagine this: you’re walking back into your local museum. The thrill of seeing your favorite and new pieces of art after being away for what felt like many years during this unpredictable year. As you leave, you stroll into their gift shop. The brightly lit merchandise pops out at you as you walk passed their books, jewelry cases, and postcards. All this eye candy urges you to bring something home and to support the museum you love. Even though many patrons come in for the museum, others come in just to shop. People visit these museum stores often but there is one dedicated day to celebrate them—Museum Store Sunday.

Museum Store Sunday was created by the Museum Store Association to celebrate the stores we all love in cultural intuitions. Each year on the last Sunday of November, we celebrate museum stores and what they do best: bring in and celebrate local artists, sell one of kind pieces for museum patrons to bring home as a keepsake, and help provide economic sustainability for the museum and their surrounding communities. By taking an amazing item home, your purchase helps keep the museum open and operating, even through these difficult times.

Patrons shop at The Store @ the Center. Photo: Chris Loomis

We, along with other local museums, are participating in Museum Store Sunday this year on November 29. The Shop@SMoCA and The Store @ the Center are offering 20% off your total purchase as a thank you for shopping with us! We are also offering free shipping through our online store. We highly recommend checking out the listing of participating stores to support more cultural establishments as well.

Shop@SMoCA staff pick We go to the gallery satire book.

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