October 8, 2020

This year is a big year: an election year.

This October, SMoCA is collaborating with ArtFarm PHX’s Roadside Attraction: Now It’s Political to install artworks near and within the Museum. These artworks have encouraged me to think back to how we as a country have arrived to where we are today. Local artist Saskia Jordá’s artwork When There are Nine showcases a tribute to the late great Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with nine spray painted lace collars outside of SMoCA and across Phoenix. This artwork has urged me to reflect on how women have come so far in our political system. The passing of the 19th amendment over 100 years ago allowed (mostly white) women to vote but it started a revolution that allowed women from all backgrounds to vote, hold political office, and so much more.  

The Raised Fist Vase available on the online store and at the Shop@SMoCA. 

My hand picks for this month treasures the pivoting point of the 19th amendment, revolution of women in office, and the solidarity women have because of these events. I choose the Vote for Women enamel pins, mug, and the Ruth Bader Ginsberg beaded necklace because each item showcases the appreciation of the right to vote for women and how far strong women have maintained political office during the 100 years since the 19th Amendment’s passing. My all-time favorite pieces we have in the Shop@SMoCA are the Raised Fist Vases. These inclusive vases allow one to showcase the power and solidarity of all women in the comfort of their homes.  

The importance of voting is stronger than ever. I encourage you to take time to visit Roadside AttractionNow It’s Political pieces near and in SMoCA, and go out and vote!  

Raechel Miller, assistant retail manager

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