August 3, 2020

IN FLUX In Depth with John David Yanke

John David Yanke created three artworks for IN FLUX Cycle 9: Stored Echoes, left; To Atone, center; and Secondary Effusion. Photo: Scottsdale Arts.

Phoenix-based artist John David Yanke created three sculptures for IN FLUX Cycle 9. Secondary Effusion, Stored Echoes, and To Atone are all located at the northern end of Miller Plaza, a commercial center on the northeast corner of Miller Road and Indian School Road in Scottsdale.

The three colorful Yanke pieces complement each other with the two spring-based creations, Secondary Effusion and Stored Echoes, framing a more traditional sculpture, To Atone. For Secondary Effusion, Yanke used mattress spring units with water-based enamel, and for Stored Echoes, he used coil springs and spiral wire with water-based enamel. To Atone was created with marine-grade plywood and water-based enamel.

John David Yanke built “To Atone” from marine-grade plywood. Photo: Scottsdale Arts.

“I enjoy recycling the original intent within the designs in order to reveal the beauty of the design,” Yanke said. “This happens both through the use of vibrant hues, whose value and intensity appear to change with ambient lighting, and the overall configuration, which produces ever-changing, intriguing shadows.”

Check out this video of him taking us on a tour of his studio!
Take a video tour of John David Yanke’s studio in Phoenix.

To learn more about his project, click here.

In creating Secondary Effusion, John David Yanke used mattress spring units with a water-based enamel. Photo: Scottsdale Arts.

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