July 14, 2020

Scottsdale Musical Theater Company presents The Music Man– November 10-12, 2020

David Hock- Executive Producer

Why did you choose the Virginia G. Piper to present your show?

Audiences truly seem to enjoy the more intimate presentation of their favorite shows in a “concert” setting. I felt that the Virginia G. Piper was a perfect fit for this concept.

What impact do you think Scottsdale Arts has on the community?

I think the cultural experiences that Scottsdale Arts provides the diverse population of the region are so necessary to keep a balance in our society.

What do the arts mean to you?

I grew up with music and arts in my family, from my dad and uncle playing the banjo and guitar and singing in the family room, to my cousin who is a classical pianist. And I also play the clarinet and sang in choirs and performed in shows. Arts, and culture for that matter, teaches us lessons we can’t learn anywhere else. You learn appreciation of others, you learn the importance of “history”, where something came from and why it can still be relevant in current times, and maybe most importantly arts touches your inner soul and makes you feel. We all need that in our lives.

What can you tell us about your company?

‘Bringing Broadway’s Favorites Back to Life’ – This one phrase alone embodies the driving force behind Scottsdale Musical Theater Company. Now in its 10th year, SMTC prides itself on presenting fully-staged concert versions of famous Broadway musicals. All of our shows feature the best talent from around the valley and a full live 20+ piece orchestra so that these shows can be heard and appreciated by audiences of all ages.

What can you tell us about your upcoming show?

Professor Harold Hill might be one of the most iconic characters in Broadway history and The Music Man is one of Broadway’s most beloved musicals of all time. As American as apple pie, The Music Man will take you back to a more nostalgic time of community, family and falling in love. “Ya Got Trouble”, “Seventy-Six Trombones”, “My White Knight”, “Wells Fargo Wagon”, “Shipoopi”, “Lida Rose”, “Till There was You” – you can sing along with the entire score.   

What aspect of your show are you most looking forward to?

Having our orchestra on stage with the performers. To watch the way the musicians and the performers create a unified energy to bring the music, songs and dance alive for the audience.

A 2nd Act presents S.T.A.R.S- March 28, 2021

Judy Pearson- accomplished writer and founder of A 2nd Act

Why did you choose the Virginia G. Piper to present your show?

We chose the theatre because it’s a beautiful facility, creating a fabulous canvas for our storytelling event and it was evident from the start that the SCPA team would work with us in every way they could.

What impact do you think Scottsdale Arts has on the community?

Communities need the arts – all of them. Scottsdale Arts provides events and showings that reach all ages and all citizens.

What do the arts mean to you?

While often thought of in terms of entertainment, the arts are actually the oldest and most important form of communication known to humans. And that sentiment includes all arts – visual and performing. They give us a glimpse into the era during which they were created. They tell stories of the artists’ observations of the world around them. They give us either goals toward which to sail our life ships, or warnings to steer our ships in a different direction. Most crucial of all, the arts are so precious they must be guarded as carefully as a crown jewel, even when they appear to have gone out of fashion.

What can you tell us about your organization?

Recognizing that helping is healing, A 2nd Act supports and celebrates women survivors of all cancers who are using their gifts of life and experience to give back to the greater good. We provide workshops, survivor networking events and annual micro grants for women to launch or grow their 2nd Acts.

What can you tell us about your upcoming event?

A 2nd Act holds one annual fundraiser, and it’s a great one: a live storytelling event. Professionally produced, S.T.A.R.S. is a cast of eight women sharing their curated stories of how they’ve not only changed their lives after cancer, but are changing the lives of others.

What aspect of your show are you most looking forward to?

The event we hold is our only nonprofit’s only fundraiser. I am most looking forward to the impact our performance has on the audience, the ease with which we’re able to prepare for the performance and the love in the lobby. The love I see happening warms my heart and reminds me of how important our work is. 

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