May 29, 2020

The #GrapefruitAtHome challenge week 3 is here and we are diving into the Event chapter! Events or event scores, were performative actions carried about by Fluxus artists in the 1960s. These events were often improvised by the artists for an unwitting audience and many events incorporated musical instruments.

Yoko Ono began writing her own event instructions in the late 1950s and early 1960s, just preceding the Fluxus event scores. There was one main difference between Ono’s event scores and those of her fellow Fluxus artists—Ono’s were intended to be performed by anyone and Fluxus event scores were typically limited to being performed by the artists themselves. So, while Fluxus expanded the idea of what art can be, Ono took it a step further and pushed forward the idea that anyone can be an artist. As she once said, “art should almost be free like water and light.” 

Here are your #GrapefruitAtHome event challenges:

Challenge 1: Yoko Ono, Map Piece, 1964.
Challenge 2: Yoko Ono, Cloud Piece, 1963.

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