May 27, 2020

Insider Picks
Nate Mercereau is featured on this weeks playlist. Submitted by Zach Ciaburri

For this installment of our Insider Picks playlist series we are revisiting our own employees and their listening habits. The seasons have changed and our habits have become more routine over the past few months, so we thought it would be a good idea to do another roundup.

We asked the staff to submit any comments they might have to accompany their music choices. These are highlighted below. See the link to the entire playlist at the end!

I’ve always loved the vibe of this song. The whole “you aren’t riding on this wave alone” seems more pertinent than ever during this quarantine.

Submitted by Abigail Clarke, Member and Patron Services Manager

One of the songs my band released in 2017 has taken on new meaning for me during the pandemic and quarantine. The lyrics in “All My Friends” discuss losing touch with your friends and being disconnected and out of touch—very much our current situation. But the lyrics also say to those friends we’ve lost touch with, take heart, when I see you again I will hold you close no matter what has happened. When it is safe to do so, that is. 

Submitted by Kevin-Vaughn Brubaker, Public Art Manager

All My Friends - Album Cover
All My Friends – Album Cover

During quarantine, I decided to get back to practicing my German. I have been consuming a lot of great German content and have significantly improved speaking and understanding. Yesss!

Submitted by Cindy Anguiano, Lead Sales Representative

Sometimes it’s nice to listen to a three-piece rock band that keeps it to the point. This Phoenix native also happens to be one of my favorite songwriters of all time and always finds his way back into my music mix. Fun fact, if this song is playing, I literally will not hear a single word you say to me.

Submitted by Mike Patton, Stage Manager

Solo set from a living room performance.

We would love to hear what you have been listening to lately. Share entire playlists or individual songs with [email protected].

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