May 15, 2020

In the original edition from 1964, Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit was divided into five sections: music, painting, event, poetry, and object. However, in the second edition from 1970, Ono added film and dance as categories and included an introduction by John Lennon. And finally, in 2000 Ono included her own brief introduction and it is this version of Grapefruit that is still printed and sold today.

Ono’s instruction pieces defy time, place, and even material; for many of them, all you need is an imagination (and a sense of humor). We felt that right now, Grapefruit may perhaps be more relevant than it has been since it was first conceived. As we are all quarantined inside our homes right now, a little imagination can go a long way, and Yoko Ono is just the person to guide us through how to add creativity to the mundaneness of the everyday. Over the next few weeks we will be highlighting select instruction pieces from Grapefruit from different categories and challenge you to do them at home and share with us on social media. You can share a photo, or video, or even just share your thoughts. We encourage you to also challenge your friends and family to participate because we all could use a little more Grapefruit in our lives.

So, for this first week’s challenges let’s dive in with the category of music. Here are your #GrapefruitAtHome challenges:

Challenge 1: Yoko Ono, Wood Piece, 1963.
Challenge 2: Yoko Ono, Collecting Piece, 1963.

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