April 28, 2020

i hear what you’re seeing, a multi-sensory art exhibition

Have you ever wondered what a painting might sound like, or what sounds might look like? Now you can explore this idea in the exhibition i hear what you’re seeing, available online. This exhibition features seven artworks, with accompanying original sound pieces. 

Cam DeCaussin, Or so I’m told but how would you fake it, 2017, oil on panel 

I am intrigued with how both sound and visual art affect our emotions. Art communicates something to us, and our reactions can be many things: joy, sadness, anger. Would viewers’ responses to visual art be made more powerful by evoking two senses rather than one (and vice versa)? It was an experiment I wanted to try. 

Laura Hales, curator of learning & innovation at Scottsdale Arts 

Bill Dambrova, She Asked Me My Name and I Gave Her My, Social Security Number; That’s How They Got My Spleen, 2016, oil and acrylic on canvas 

In the process of creating this exhibition, Hales paired student sound artists with local professional visual artists. Featured visual artists are: Laura Spalding Best, Bill Dambrova, Cam DeCaussin, Monica Aissa Martinez, Lara Plecas, and Ellen Wagener. The sound students are all from the Herberger School of Design and the Arts at Arizona State University: Devin ArneShomit Barua, Laura Brackney, Andrew RobinsonJacob Miller Smith, and Gina Xu. Not only did all of the students meet the artists whose work they chose, but many met at the artists’ studios and had deep conversations about their interests, ideas, and techniques. 

Ellen Wagener, Cloud Bank, Arizona, 2012, pastel on paper 

This exhibition is presented by Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation and was originally installed in Center Space, located in Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Due to the COVID-19 crisis and resulting closures, many weeks of this exhibition were lost to the public. However, it has a new life online. We hope you won’t miss it! 

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