April 14, 2020

Livestream of Murmuration

Click image to view livestream now!

Art can provide moments of joy and solace, so it is our mission to bring these moments to you to enjoy from home. Murmuration is an artwork that immerses you within waves of light and sound that almost feels like a hug sometimes. We are excited to virtually share this meaningful artwork with you for your enjoyment to connect with at any time of day through a livestream. 

The artwork cycles through three phases throughout its 24-hour loop. During the daytime, Murmuration offers a spatialized, harmonious auditory experience with digital murmurations incorporating a range of local and fictional birds flying around the piece. At dusk and dawn, the work transforms into a dynamic display of light, harmony, and disharmony as the murmurations come to life, creating chordal waves of light and sound that flow around the building. During the nighttime, Murmuration visually shifts into a more calm, delicate cycle of undulating colors accompanied by gentle ripples of suppressed energy. 

We invite you to virtually experience this one-of-a-kind artwork from home. If you would like to see the piece truly come to life with light and sounds, begin viewing at 6:45 p.m. PST. We hope this brings you as much joy it does us. And as always, thank you for joining us as we #MuseumFromHome.