April 8, 2020

Get up close and personal with SMoCA’s Collection as registrar Carrie Tovar demonstrates how to use the search function to explore the depth of objects we have the privilege to hold in our collection. Search by artist, medium, or keyword and find your favorite works. What a great way to #MuseumFromHome! 

How to Search SMoCA’s Collection Online

1. Go to and click on the “MENU” in the upper right corner

2. Click on “COLLECTION”

3. The Collection website is broken into several categories that one can explore by clicking on each of the categories and then on specific artworks.

4. A more advanced search can be done as well by clicking on “SEARCH” towards the top. Here you can search by artist name, medium, title, and keywords. 

What does a registrar do?

As museum registrar, my job focuses on the safety of the artworks in our care as seen in two very important areas: the Museum’s collection and exhibitions. First, I act as the steward of the collection. I consider the storage, conservation, tracking, and documentation of individual works of art. I also maintain the collection management system used in record keeping and preserving the information attached to each object. The second aspect of my job concerns exhibitions and primarily the movement of art in and out of the Museum. This requires a great amount of organization and coordination, and a love of even the smallest details. I handle everything from insurance, to fine art shipping arrangements, to the unpacking/packing of each of the works. Museum registrar’s are more behind the scenes, but we are lucky in that we get to be in the center of everything and witness the beginning of an exhibition idea through to their installation.

SMoCA’s registrar Carrie Tovar