Diversity, Statement

April 15, 2021

It is of utmost importance to Scottsdale Arts to lead with integrity, making decisions rooted in diversity, accessibility, and inclusivity—to live by our mission to be an organization that represents the full breadth of our community.  

As individuals and as a cultural institution, we hold a responsibility to speak up when it matters the most. Following reflection and internal conversations, we feel we must respond to violent acts against BIPOC and marginalized communities, recognizing that we must do better to dismantle white supremacy as a historically privileged institution. We recognize that we should and can do better, and that doing better must go beyond words. Our work is ongoing to create an equitable workplace and community-focused space at Scottsdale Arts.  

The recent violence targeting Asian American and Pacific Islander communities, and now the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright, highlight how crucial it is for us to be vocal in condemning this violence and to share resources to help and uplift those who are impacted. It is our hope that sharing these resources will help to educate, inspire open dialogue, and promote personal activism in support of current and ongoing movements. If you would like more information on how to help in the fight against racial injustice and violence, we will be compiling resources that will be available on our website here: https://scottsdalearts.org/diversity/

The work around racial injustice, racialized violence, racism, and xenophobia is continuous, and takes an arduous toll on those who are most impacted. Please consider finding your own methods to support positive change both within your own community and without. We continue to be inspired by artists, organizations, and individuals who are advocating for and effecting systemic change, and our hope is that we also can be a part of the solution.

— Signed The Scottsdale Arts Staff

For more information visit: https://scottsdalearts.org/diversity/