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Cultural Connections Through the Arts

Cultural Connections Through the Arts is a classroom-based artist residency program offering arts-integrated learning experiences. Scottsdale Arts works directly with schools, principals and teachers to design impactful experiences that result in enduring understanding and promote student achievement. Residencies range in length from one week to several months, depending on school and student needs. To book a custom residency experience, see sample lesson plans and learn about the fee structure for these residencies, please visit

Poetry: Personal to Performance
Professional touring poetry slam artist KJ Miner engages students in journal and poetry writing while building a strong classroom community. Through an approachable process of idea mapping, writing exercises and group critiques, journal entries develop into poems. Final works are shared with participants or students at the end of each session.


“Students who were reluctant to write are now writing in their journal and producing incredible poems! The journal-writing activity had 95 to 100 percent participation every day during the residency.” — Middle school language arts department chair, Paradise Valley Unified School District

Composer in the Classroom
Exploring the intersection of literacy and music, this residency empowers students to tell stories through sound. Working with musicians, students will demonstrate understanding of core curriculum concepts through the composition of a unique piece of music.

Working with a master artist brought an entirely new energy to our group. From beginning to end, the difference was night and day.” — High school orchestra teacher, Scottsdale Unified School District

Holocaust Survivor Oskar Knoblauch:
Voice of Tolerance
As a boy goring up in Krakow, Poland, during the early 1930s, Oskar Knoblauch was confused and upset by friends, teachers and teammates who began to treat him and his family differently with the spread of Nazi ideology. Today, Knoblauch devotes his time to speaking to student and adult groups about his experiences during the Holocaust with focus on respect, hope and empowerment.