Divisions & Staff




Scottsdale Arts was established in 1987 as a private, nonprofit 501(c)(3) management company and vested with the responsibility to manage Scottsdale’s premier arts and cultural facility, then known as the Scottsdale Center for the Arts. Since then, Scottsdale Arts has evolved into its present structure as a unique umbrella organization with three dynamic operating divisions – each with a distinct focus and mission – that span the visual and performing arts. Through its three divisions, Scottsdale Arts offers diverse, high-quality arts experiences to hundreds of thousands of Scottsdale residents and visitors annually in addition to fostering the active engagement of government, business, education and the private sector in the arts.

Neale Perl, President & CEO

Mallard D. Owen, Ph.D., Chief of Operations & Finance

Kelly Hicks, Executive Assistant

Brittany Arnold, Administrative Assistant


Victoria Agudelo-Martin, Controller

Rhonda Qualiata, Accounting Coordinator

Jama Courts, Accounting Specialist


Kathy Joyce, Director of Development

Eileen Wilson, Director of Donor Relations

Hillary West, Grants Manager

Cathy Turner, Corporate Relations and Events Manager

Jonette Lewis, Administrative Assistant

Education & Outreach

Natalie Marsh, Director of Education & Outreach

Laura Hales, Curator of Education

Katie Boyle, Arts Education Coordinator

Leslie Haddad, Arts Education Coordinator

Chris Harthun, Arts Education Coordinator

Tammy Hinds, Arts Education Coordinator

Facilities & Operations

Larry Edmonds, Director of Facilities Operations

Martin Dickey, Associate Director of Facilities Operations

Annie Parker, Facility Rentals Manager

Scott MacKeigan, Facility & Event Representative

Jeri Thompson, Operations Administrative Assistant

Bob Casciato, Facilities Maintenance Manager

Joe Tashjian, Environmental Services Supervisor

Joana Alvarez, Environmental Services Worker

Emmitt Younger, Environmental Services Worker

Human Resources

Lisa DeGroodt, HR Manager

Information Technology

Jason Song, IT Manager

Pete Dinnella, IT Specialist

Marketing & Communications

Stephen M. Baker, Director of Marketing and Communications

Beth Renfro, Marketing Manager

Bill Thompson, Communications Manager

Zacory Boatright, Digital Marketing Manager

Ravance Lanier, Senior Graphic Designer

Wen-Hang Lin, Senior Graphic Designer

Tina May, Public Relations Specialist

Jill Juneja, Website Specialist

Member & Patron Services

Kara Chesser, Member & Patron Services Manager

Abigail Clarke, Patron Services Coordinator

Sean Ryan McBride, Member Services Specialist

Lauren Zapien, Group Sales Specialist

Madison Berens, Member & Patron Services Representative

Megan Bevill, Member & Patron Services Representative

Shaun Herndon, Member & Patron Services Representative

Diane Mikho, Member & Patron Services Representative

Jennifer Tuchband, Member & Patron Services Representative

Ninabah Winton, Member & Patron Services Representative

Karl Perry, Member & Patron Services Representative

Micky Small, Member & Patron Services Representative

Patron Experience

Jamie Prins, Associate Director of Patron Experience & Scottsdale Arts Festival Manager

Sai Powers, Events Manager

Bill Kelly, Retail Manager

Whitney Nelson, Festival Coordinator

Robert Reidenbach, Food & Beverage Lead

Carolyn Sedlak, Lead House Manager

Tom Delanoy, Assistant House Manager

Lesley Gibbs, Assistant House Manager

Marla Hattabaugh, Assistant House Manager

Tori Snarr, Assistant House Manager

Eileen Strauss, Assistant House Manager

Sandra Wagner, Assistant House Manager

Adele Powers, Assistant House Manager

Mariana Bortoluzzi, Guest Services Coordinator

Protection Services

Keng Cheong, Protection Services Manager

Thomas Villegas, Protection Services Supervisor

William Anderson, Protection Services Officer

Dale Duhame, Protection Services Officer

Michael Hammerand, Protection Services Officer

Pia Holt, Protection Services Officer

Jason Richard Kron, Protection Services Officer

Michael McLane, Protection Services Officer

Collin Van Orden, Protection Services Officer

Christopher Diaz, Protection Services Officer

Nancy Jage, Protection Services Officer

Larry Quill, Protection Services Officer

Ian Coyne, Protection Services Officer



Opened in 1975, the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts presents a dynamic, culturally diverse season of dance, jazz, classical and world music, theater and satire. The philosophy behind the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts is more than just presenting performances for the sake of enjoyment (although they are enjoyable!) but also to create opportunities for audiences to have thought-provoking experiences and interactions, to create events of interest to worldwide audiences, and to foster creative expression, diversity in thought, and awareness of cultural heritage.

Abbey Messmer, Programming Manager

Michael Wallot, Artist Services Manager

Diandra Miller, Programming Coordinator

Elena Hale, Programming Administrative Assistant

Judy Koval, Performing Arts Assistant

Technical Staff

Lisa Marie Malovoz, Production Manager

Steven Brink, Stage Manager

John Doyle, Master Electrician

Scott Lawhead, Theatre Technician



Established in 1999, the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art  is the only museum in Arizona devoted to the art, architecture and design of today. Global in its focus, the museum is a unique and vital cultural resource for the Southwest with five galleries showcasing changing exhibitions and works from the museum’s growing permanent collection.

Sara Cochran, Ph.D., Director and Chief Curator

Valerie Ryan, Museum Manager

Jennifer McCabe, Curator of Contemporary Art

Claire Carter, Curator of Contemporary Art

Julie Ganas, Curator of Programming

Christina Davis, Assistant Curator

Laura Best, Exhibitions Manager

Carrie Tovar, Registrar



Since 1985, Scottsdale Public Art has created a diverse collection of 65 permanent and 26 temporary artworks that encompass a wide range of artistic expressions from traditional bronzes such as George-Ann Tognoni’s trio of galloping horses to the six-mile-long designs on the walls of the Pima Freeway by Carolyn Braaksma, Jeff Engelmann and Andrea Lee Forman. SPA envisions the entire 184-square mile city as an outdoor gallery, where art is an everyday encounter for residents and visitors alike.

Donna Isaac, Scottsdale Arts Vice President & Director of Scottsdale Public Art

Gina Azima, Administrative Assistant

Andrea Teutli, Assistant Director

Wendy Raisanen, Curator of Collections & Exhibitions

Daniel Funkhouser, Preparator

Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker, Public Art Manager

Jennifer Gill, Project Coordinator

John Shimkus, Installation Coordinator

Tanya Galin, Events & Exhibitions Assistant