December 1, 2021

Scottsdale Public Art  – A Year in Review

One year ago today, it would have been impossible to imagine the changes that 2020 would bring. Between the onset of COVID-19, cultural and civil unrest, and an unprecedented election year, one couldn’t predict one day to the next.  Scottsdale Public Art realized that in the arts is more important than ever as a creative focal point for our shared humanity. We met the challenges of this year and continued to offer the public free, engaging art experiences and public art installations, both digitally and safely in-person.

Several opportunities presented themselves as a result:  The inauguration of Scottsdale Public Art’s first-ever blog, and the creation of three different driving tours (South Scottsdale, Central Scottsdale and North Scottsdale) of the city’s public art collection. 

Additionally, Scottsdale Public Art’s debuted its first digital exhibition: Abstract Journeys of Mutation by Bill Dambrova and Fausto Fernandez. Originally planned as an in-person exhibition, Scottsdale Public Art team quickly pivoted to shift both the exhibit and the opening reception to an entirely digital experience as a result of pandemic restrictions.

2020 also saw the completion of several permanent public artworks a long time in the making: Traceries by Mary Bates-Neubauer, Rug Runner and Wallpaper Tapestry by Christine Lee, and Sunburst by RE:site.

This year also brought a different kind of Canal Convergence to the public, made specifically to fit the constraints of 2020. In order to keep things safe and socially distanced, Canal Convergence spread the artworks beyond the waterfront and throughout downtown Scottsdale, shifted most of its programming to virtual experiences, and introduced augmented reality artworks. 

We thank you for taking this journey with us, and hope that you enjoyed the multiple forms of public art presented this year. On behalf of the Scottsdale Public Art team, we hope you remain safe and wish for you a happy new year.  See you in 2021!

Scottsdale Public Art Staff 2020. Photo: Brian Passey