December 1, 2021

Like many other arts organizations we have had to be creative about how we can still connect our audience to the artists we love so much. This blog was born out of that passion as a first step in the process to create a more consistent communication with our audience.

By now, I hope that some of you have enjoyed some of our virtual offerings. As we set out on producing live streams we had to ask ourselves, what can we provide to our community that they can’t find elsewhere? The obvious answer is the treasure trove of local musicians we have here in the valley.

Additionally, by connecting our audience to our local artists we are helping drive attention and awareness to their art. We hope that you find something that gives you comfort or piques your interest into a new artist.

Our first performance on May 22, 2020 with Miguel Melgoza was a hit! Miguel was the perfect artist to spread a little love, a little comfort, a little nostalgia and a hope that we can all be together in the same room again soon. We saw great engagement from our audience on both Facebook and YouTube Live!

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