December 1, 2021

Yesterday, we shared in our Deep Dive about why we wanted to produce virtual events and what we wanted to share with our audience.

The next step was all about the how? Our production staff are experts in their field but none of us are TV or movie technicians – we have all spent our lives honing our skills for live performance.

The most important aspect on the production end of things was to make sure that our audience at home got something that was of a comparable production quality to what they would get inside our venue. We initiated a plan to start on the smaller side and work our way up to bigger events. Allowing us time to become more comfortable with the new technology and allowing our audience to find us in new places.

Given that we had no prior experience in streaming we decided that our first virtual stream would prioritize the audio of the performance. We felt that our amazing audience would understand if the video was decent quality as long as the audio was of excellent quality.

It certainly has been an enriching time to be on staff at Scottsdale Arts as we have spent the past month invested in various programs and new devices!

You can find part one of this two part post here.