January 13, 2021

Since welcoming 2021, it seems—at the moment—to look a lot like 2020, with many of us still isolating at home. As we continue to quarantine, it is important to remember to find moments where we can give ourselves a break. Many of us are working from home, so the balance of work and personal life can easily be off. We have to remember as we continue to be at home that we are not too hard on ourselves and overwork until we are burnt out. Take a break. Allow yourself to be bored. It is OK. All of it is OK. It is our hope at SMoCA that our virtual programs, online collection, and digital exhibition content can be a reprieve from daily stress or an outlet to spark creativity in your lives, even for just a moment. Remember, even if we are closed, we are still here. Take a moment to #MuseumFromHome and look out for upcoming virtual programs. We have so much more in store for 2021 and we cannot wait to share with you!

Julie Ganas, curator of engagement and digital initiatives

During these uncertain times, SMoCA has invited artists and staff to utilize our blog Inspire as an outlet to make meaningful connections by sharing personal reflections and insight into their practice. Explore more entries from our Museum Musings series.

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