December 10, 2020

Finding the perfect gift for the art lover in your life can be tricky. With how unpredictable 2020 has been, gifting a special item to the person you love can make their day and even year. We at Shop@SMoCA have come up with a gift guide to make choosing the perfect gift for that special someone easy. Shop@SMoCA and our online store, we have an array of items to choose from, and we offer gift wrapping and shipping to make your holiday shopping easier!

Gift the museum lovers in your life with a few items that will remind them of how much they love museums. Among our array of Museum Nerd themed items, we have Museum Nerd masks (retail price $17). These masks come with two filters, a metal nose guard sew in and adjustable elastic ear loops. Other small items you can gift to your museum lover are some museum themed enamel pins. The Support Your Local Museum, Minimalist, and No Flash Photography enamel pins are a great way for them to show their support (all three retail for $12 each). 

Another amazing and puzzling gift to give is this blue and green gradient puzzle! In 100 pieces (retail price $15) and 500 pieces (retail price $25), this challenging puzzle will keep a household busy or be great for the ultimate puzzler in your life during the holidays. I personally have bought the 100 piece puzzle and it has been a great challenge so far!

Some of our other gifts we recommend are from our favorite local artists. The Shop carries a lot of amazing jewelry, masks, pottery, prints, and more from local artists across the Phoenix-metro area. Some of our favorites are the handmade masks by Punkwasp (retail price $30), desert painting earrings by Laura Spalding Best (retail price $45 and up), brass and silver earrings from Hilali (retail price $40 and up) and ceramic earrings and homewares by Deborah Robin (retail price $24 and up)

Photo credit: Charles Darr

Last but not least is an ultimate gift that keeps on giving: a membership to SMoCA! With a Scottsdale Arts Membership (starting at $50) you can gift a loved one a yearlong experience with art. A ONE Membership includes free admission into SMoCA, a discount at the stores, and many more perks throughout the rest of Scottsdale Arts programming that a loved one can enjoy and have amazing art experiences for a whole year.