July 4, 2020

We conclude our #GrapefruitAtHome challenge with an instruction piece where it all began. Lighting Piece (1955) is one of the earliest instruction pieces in Grapefruitand perhaps one of the most personal piecesIt actually stems from one of Yoko Ono’s own personal rituals. Ono has an oversensitivity to light and sound, but one day in 1955 she discovered that lighting a match and watching the flame slowly extinguish gave her a moment of relief. She would repeat this action and begin to feel calm, placing her in a meditative state. Ono also compares the short life of the match to that of humans, which gave her a sense of serenity. So, it was this personal action that gave her relief that then became a written instruction. As with many of Yoko Ono’s instructions, Lighting Piece, was therapeutic and helped keep her sane. 

So, for our final #GrapefruitAtHome challenge we hope you can find a moment of solace with Lighting Piece. 

Challenge 1: Yoko Ono, Lighting Piece, 1955.

We hope you have enjoyed our #GrapefuitAtHome challenge and that you will continue to find ways to bring creativity into your life, even in the simplest ways.

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