May 15, 2020

Digital Dive is an extension of our Deep Dive program, which invites our audience to take a more in-depth exploration of our artists and events.

From Sippin Series
Photo: Betty Hum

The Sippin Series is an intimate deep dive into the world of cocktails, wines, and spirits in partnership with Young’s Market. Each event in the series focuses on a central beverage and seeks to further develop our knowledge on the topic through an in person experience. 

The idea for Sippin’ Series was dreamt up by Jamie Prins, director of events and Scottsdale Arts Festival director, and was unofficially born out of a combination of two of our other events. Our patrons love the Catwalk Lounge, which has been a feature of our seasons for five years and our Discovery Series has hosted tasting events in the seasons that explored France, UK & Ireland, and Japan. Prins was essential in the planning and execution of these events and noticed that our audience was creating great memories interacting with each other while also being thirsty for more information on the libations being served.

Gin and Genevers Recipe Card
Click the image to be directed to our Facebook post featuring other recipes!

Above, see a selection of recipes shared during various Sippin’ Series events. The first image from the Botanical Spirits event is a sneak peek recipe from our rescheduled event that was meant to take place this spring. When you click the image you’ll be directed to our Facebook page, where we feature three other highlights of recipes from prior events: Coffee Cocktails, Smoked Cocktails, and Tequilas & Mezcals.

An evening at a Sippin’ Series event is often a mixture of history, regional information, unique recipes, and fun new products. This deep dive is done in a laid back, conversational style that invites attendees of all knowledge levels to participate.

Tequila & Mezcal Welcome Mat - Sippin Series
Each Sippin’ Series attendee is greeted by a welcome mat similar to this Tequilas & Mezcals above that provides context for the evening ahead.

Every event has presented its own unique opportunities based on the mixologist or keynote speaker, the attendees, and the featured beverage. The unique perspective that the industry representatives are able to bring always ignites lively conversation that inspire the group. There is a magic in the air at the Sippin’ Series that guarantees a great time, every time!

The evenings are full of tips and tricks for those looking to advance their own mixology and we often pull out surprise products to let guests taste and compare during the discussion.

BONUS TIP 1: To make your own Coffee Infused Vodka; Put 1 cup of coffee beans per 1 liter vodka. Infuse for 12 – 24 hours and then strain out the coffee beans.

BONUS TIP 2: At anytime while at the Center, any Scottsdale Arts representative will be happy to assist in calling a taxi cab, ride share or friend to arrange safe transportation!

Attendees at Sippin Series
Photo: Betty Hum

Do you have any memories from a Sippin’ Series events or requests for a specific beverage? Let us know at [email protected] we would love to hear from you!

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